Friday, 13 June 2008

North Brooklyn Metal

Amorphous Metal, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Being a photographer one has to be open to whatever comes to them, any opportunity to shoot, and any unexpected chance to show their work. A couple weeks ago my boyfriend told me that our local hardware store had their annual art show coming up. All of the art must somehow involve hardware, so while most of the works were large metal pieces and crazy collages I decided to photograph some local metal shops. Metal shops are amazing places- seemingly so messy and unorganized, yet dangerous work is completed effectively and safely in amongst the chaos. I definitely plan to continue shooting this project.

Amorphous Metal, Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Works Manufacturing,Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

4th State Metals, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
All photos Copyright © 2008 Laura Helms

If you're in Brooklyn you can go check out the Legendary Crest Hardware Art Show for the next month or so.

Crest True Value Hardware &
Urban Garden Center
558 Metropolitan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211

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