Sunday, 20 July 2008

Sinking Down

While this is meant to be my blog about my photography, and photography in general, there are sometimes going to be things that I will feel like I have to post about them. I've been depressed by the the way meet is raised in CAFO's in America for a long time, and the article about the end of catfish farming in the Mississippi Delta in today's New York Times just adds to my sadness over the situation. My boyfriend is from Mississippi and all of his stories about growing up are about the intense poverty of the area so it is awful to hear about another mainstay of the local economy disappearing, but it is disgusting to think that we are raising catfish on pellets made of corn and soybean products. I have a huge problem with the idea of raising animals to eat something that they are not biologically meant to eat, whether they are cows, pigs or fish. A good article about the after-affects of our attempts to play with nature is Michael Pollan's Our Decrepit Food Factories

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RPH said...

hey Laura, check out the Michael Pollan interview in the American Conservative.

Ana said...

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